About us

Our mission

Is to empower business owners by providing support, strategies and tools which enable business owners to grow their businesses, expand their workforce and create employment.  As part of this mission, Bookable:

  • provides web design and development;
  • teaches business owners how to better use online tools in their daily business; and
  • is building the world’s first automated business management platform that connects online marketing to the back office, with the goal of automating the business day. 

Bookable was born out of several years of observation amidst a network of small businesses. The Founder has run numerous business networking meetings throughout the South East of England, and through this experience of speaking with small business owners, observed the common obstacles small business owners endure.  His background as a financial advisor lead business owners to talk to him about the financial challenges of their businesses and Martin realised that he had a lot more to offer small business than just financial advice.

If the heart of Bookable is about being a resource for business owners through business analysis, support and tools; the spirit is to be respectful to our clients, transparent in our process, forthright in our practices, fun in our interactions and effective in our delivery.

Global Goals Logo

UN Global  Goal 8 icon

By supporting small business owners to develop their businesses, Bookable strives to promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.  Specifically, Target 8.2 – to “achieve higher levels of economic productivity through diversification, technological upgrading and innovation .. ” 

Working with Bookable to support business owners to achieve their goals through the use of affordable technology, through the Bookable business management system (CRM), is a tangible gateway to help business owners to overcome the burden of running a business, become successful, provide employment and contribute more fully to the wider economy.

Who we are

Bookable people are not just marketing people.  We have diverse backgrounds and are strong in our areas of expertise. We have a slightly quirky way of looking at things.  This is the strength of Bookable.  The team is willing to be challenged by each other, to challenge themselves and to work through processes needed to run the business and provide innovative and informed solutions for our clients.


The team

The Bookable team is made of a diverse range of designers, copywriters, web developers and coders.  We provide an affordable service to clients by using our freelance team and bringing in the most appropriate team member for the project.  We build strong relationships with those we work with and ensure that they are built in line with our philosophy and the client’s aims.

Martin Knapp – Founder and Digital Strategist

Martin Knapp Portrait

Amongst many things, Martin has a military background, broke in horses in North Dakota, worked on oil rigs for fun, been an economic policy assistant on Capitol Hill, and he’s a former Wall St broker.  He writes code in four software languages and creates images in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.  Put that together he has a diverse skill set mixing the creative arts, leadership, and marketing.  As the Founder of Bookable he is respected by his team as a creative thinker, strategist, and influential leader.

He has brought a desire and a dream to fruition by inspiring his team, sharing his vision and utilising his motivation and drive to make it happen.

Elaine Flook – Brand Strategist & Director of Communications

Elaine Flook Portrait

Drawing on global branding expertise in investment banking and more than 20 years in design management, Elaine fulfills a key role in developing the Bookable brand .  Her background in business to business marketing and television publicity gives her a broad understanding of all stages of a marketing project.

Working with business owners to build confidence, improve communication and personal development she brings a unique perspective to the operation and development of the Company and progression of the Team.

As well as design and branding skills, Elaine is passionate about people and the relationships we build in business.  As part of her vision for the Company she is driven by developing Bookable in line with our commitment to the United Nations Universal Goals 8 – to provide decent work and economic growth. 

Marc Hitchcock – Senior Developer (Full Stack)

marc hitchcock

Part rocket scientist, part coding ninja, Marc is a powerhouse when it comes to back-end development and IT. He has a lengthy background working for an internet service provider helping small businesses, so he not only works on client projects, but keeps Bookable rolling along. He can translate Russian into Javascript, English into pure HTML, and on the weekends he can be found trolling the galaxies of EVE online.