When launching your new business, a crucial question to ask is, how do I get a website? There are many options out there, from page builders using rich WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors to employing a freelancer or agency to build your website. Many use a CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress. So, what is the right choice for your business?


Are page builders like Wix really low cost?

When first starting out, cost is a significant factor, but making the wrong decision can cost you more in the long run. A page builder service, such as Squarespace or Wix, allows you to get started quickly at minimal costs but in the long run, could cost you. The whole business plan behind page builders is to lock you into their ecosystem. This means if you want to later change to a different platform, you can’t take any of your website with you. An additional issue is many page builder sites are slower to load, often frustrating visitors on your site.


Should I hire someone to build my website?

Alternatively, you can employ a company/freelancer/agency etc. to design and build your website. This has a much higher up-front cost as they are using their knowledge and expertise to put something together that works well on multiple different devices as well as ensuring it conforms to your expectations. This can work in your favour, and if you decide later down the line that you want to change designers, whether it’s for price or service reasons, you should be able to move easily.

It’s common for a web design company to use a CMS called WordPress when creating your site. It is easy to use, there is a big ecosystem around using it, and according to https://wordpress.org/ around 35% of the web uses WordPress, whether that is a hobby blog or a large news site.


What’s WordPress?

WordPress is a powerful piece of software that can be turned into almost anything that you need for starting your web presence. Because WordPress is so vastly used you can practically take it anywhere online, all you need is a hosting company and the ability to set it up (or hire a company to do that part for you).

Generally, when you want to move your website from one company to another, they will either provide tools for being able to migrate your website or have a service that can help you do it. Meaning you are not locked into one company’s ecosystem, which is a huge benefit for any business.


Future proof your website

Starting with a page builder company may seem like it’s low cost, but it becomes a lot more complex when you want to do something more. While going for a tailored website, designed for you, gives you that freedom to move to a different service without needing to start again. In addition, you can get a website that meets your company’s specific needs and works as hard as it can for the benefit of your bottom line – and who doesn’t want that?!


Need help with your website?

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Marc is the Senior Developer at Bookable working on the Bookable CRM project.